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Dallas Phone System

Dynam Communications offers powerful business telephone system solutions for companies in the Dallas area and nation-wide. We offer both on-premise phone systems and Hosted, or cloud-based, phone systems and telephone service.  Our DFW Business Phone System solutions in Dallas and everywhere, proves to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

What is an office telephone system?

A telephone company sends calls to your office telephone system which sends the calls to a specific user, a call group (i.e., customer service, sales, accounting, etc.), or an Auto Attendant (press 1 for this or 2 for that).  The system offers music & announcements on hold, call recording, reporting, time of day routing, forward calls to answering service or mobile phones, allows people to work from home, and more.

What is the difference between On-Premise and Hosted Phone Systems?

On Premise Phone System
Hosted Phone System

On-Premise Phone System means we install a phone system at your office located in Dallas or anywhere, connect it to your existing telephone company, and install our desk phones which connect to the phone system via your wired or wifi network.  Advantage is you control your own phone system and can make changes to it as needed.

Hosted Phone System means we install desk phones at your office that connect to our phone servers in the cloud.  Our phone server provides phone service and all the features of an on-site telephone system.  Advantage is you can avoid a large upfront investment in a telephone system, plus you can cancel your telephone company since Dynam would be your phone company as well.  Our monthly hosted customers usually spend about 60% less for monthly phone service than with their old phone company.

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