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On-Premise Telephone System

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On-Premise Telephone System

Dynam Communications is proud to offer a full line of office telephone systems.  This includes the Zultys line of office telephone system solutions as well as our own, the Dynam Elite 1x office telephone system.

Zultys PBX Telephone Systems


Dynam is proud to offer the full line of office telephone systems. This includes the MX-SE and the MX-E models.

Workers are unified across their organization into a single communication system regardless of their location. Users of the system can log in from any location and have full access to all system features.

ZAC for the Desktop

Included is the Zultys desktop App called ZAC, Zultys Advanced Communicator.  ZAC links to the desk phone or can be used as a softphone with a headset connected to your computer.  See employees around the company and who is available, on a call, in a meeting, etc.  Click a name to send an Instant Message.  Many more features.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Automated Attendants
  • Call Groups
  • Call Recording on demand or automatic
  • Music & Messaging on-hold
  • Built In paging system
  • Fax to/from the desk
  • Mobile phone Integration
  • On premise or remote Users
  • Desktop Client
  • See other users availability
  • Click to dial
  • Much more…

We offer the full line of Zultys desk phones that access all of the features on the Zultys phone system.  There are phones for common areas, workstations and offices, management and phones geared for executives.

Zultys Support

If you already have a Zultys phone system and not completely happy with the company providing support, we are here for you.  We have been installing and supporting the Zultys line of phone systems since 2006 and are Zultys certified (ZCSE).  Whether you use Zultys in Dallas or elsewhere, we start by auditing your system by seeing how it is configured, we complete a 30-point report card, and then make recommendation to improve performance and optimize security of your Zultys phone system.

Dynam Elite 1x Telephone System


They Dynam Elite 1x office telephone system is perfect for supporting from as few as 5 users and as many as 200 users with all the features your business requires.

Perfect for the medical office, retail space, or any office requiring large enterprise features.

We connect this system at your office, plug your telephone lines into it, connect your desk phones and you are ready to go.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Automated Attendants
  • Call Groups
  • Customizable Music On Hold
  • Conferences Bridge
  • Supports wide variety of desk phones
  • Local or remote users
  • Single or multiple offices
  • Fax
  • Built in paging system
  • Spy functions for supervisory monitoring
  • Voice mail to email
  • Route by Caller ID
  • One touch recording
  • 1 LAN / 1 WAN Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
  • Multiple language support
  • Security Firewall SIP TLS Transport, SRTP (RTP encryption)
  • 1U rack mountable
  • Much more

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