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PBX Telephone System

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PBX Telephone System

A PBX telephone system connects to your telephone company providing you with the ability to make/receive telephone calls. An incoming telephone call is routed by the telephone system to either an individual user, an Automated Attendant (i.e., press 1 for this, press 2 for that), or a Call Group which is a group of users handling calls to a department (i.e., Sales, Customer Service, Accounting).

Think of the phone system as the brain that routes your incoming calls to the place you want them to go. Common phone systems offer various popular features such as call recording, music on-hold, announcements on-hold, desktop and mobile apps, customizable call processing rules to ring a desk phone roll to my mobile then send caller to my office voice mail and email me the voice message, and more.

Our Solutions

Dynam Communications offers two solutions based on your specific needs. 

On-Premise PBX telephone system

The on-premise PBX system is where we install a phone server at your office.  We connect the system to your existing telephone lines.  We then install our leading edge desk phones.

We are proud to offer two PBX telephone system solution manufacturers.  Zultys and Dynam We offer two systems which several models depending on your specific needs:

Zultys IP PBX Telephone System solutions and the Dynam Elite IP PBX Telephone System.  The solution we would propose will depend on your specific needs.  Such as number of users, number of locations, and specific feature set.  Our Zultys or Dynam Elite PBX System will provide your company with the advanced features you need in order to optimize customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Popular Features: Voice Mail, Automated Attendants, Desktop client, mobile phone client, see other users availability, instant messaging, call recording, music on hold, much more.

Hosted / Cloud-based PBX System

Another option many of our customers consider is our Hosted PBX Telephone System solution.

Our hosted solution is usually selected by companies wanting to avoid the upfront cost of purchasing a system and also wanting to eliminate their costly telephone bills.  With the Hosted solution, we install our advanced desk phones at your office which connect via the internet to our phone servers in the cloud.  We become your PBX telephone system and your telephone company.  Our hosted customers usually save about 60% compared to their monthly telephone bills.

Popular Features: Voice mail, Automated Attendants, Call Groups, time of day call routing, transfer, hold, park/pickup, much more.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs and get a customized quote.