Cloud-Based Telephone System Solution


Dynam Communications offers a variety of solutions based on your needs.  One option is an on-site phone system which means the phone system is located at your office.  Another solution is a phone system in cloud.  Often referred as Hosted Phone Service or Cloud-based Phone Service.  Through our Hosted service, you avoid the upfront cost of purchasing a dedicated telephone system plus incur the monthly expense from a telephone company because Dynam would be your phone system and phone company for only $25 per user month.

This is also the perfect solution for companies with remote or work-at-home employees. We send the user a telephone which they connect to their internet router and they are in business.  Has the same great features of voice mail, Automated Attendants, Call Groups, Call Recording, Transfer, Hold, etc, etc.

Cloud-Based Telephone Service

Whether your company is small or you simply prefer to avoid the upfront expense of purchasing an on-premise Telephone System, plus monthly telephone line charges, plus maintenance, our Hosted Telephone Service may be the right solution for you. With this service, we will add your employees/users to one of our Telephone Systems and deliver telephones to your office.  We would be your phone system as well as phone company.  If you're office experiences a power or internet outage, your system is still up and running to answer customer calls and forward your calls until your internet service is restored.

What about our Telephone Numbers?

We can port your existing phone numbers to our service or we can assign new numbers for your company and users.  Telephone numbers local to your company as well as toll-free numbers are available.

What all do I need ?

All you need is internet access! Each telephone call is approximately 85k in size. We deliver the telephones and plug them into your internet-ready ethernet connection and you're in business!

What is the Cost?

After purchasing or leasing your telephones from Dynam, you simply pay $25 per month per user.

Our Telephone Servers are located in a secured data center with redundant power, multiple paths to the internet, and connected to a 100+ meg pipe to ensure 24x7 available super-fast bandwidth from our data center.


Our standard features include:

  • Voice Mail for each user
  • Automated Attendants
  • Operator Groups
  • Fax to/from your Computer
  • Faxes Delivered to your Email
  • Home Agents or Remote Users
  • Multiple Office Locations
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Music On Hold
  • On Hold Messaging
  • Call Recording
  • Latest in Desktop Telephones
  • Advanced Call Center Features
  • Extension to Extension Dialing
  • Find Me / Follow Me rules
  • Many more options...

Call us today to discuss your unique needs and see if our Cloud-Based or Hosted Telephone Solution is for you!

Call us today to discuss your unique needs and see if our Cloud-Based Telephone Servcie is right for you!

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