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Hosted Phone Service – Hosted VoIP PBX

This is our Virtual PBX System solution that puts your office phone system in the cloud. Its one of the best hosted VoIP PBX options on the market today. Some times referred to as a Cloud PBX phone service, you simply select your preferred office phones from our catalog, we configure and install each phone in your office and the phones point to our cloud PBX. 

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Cloud PBX Dallas. Hosted PBX System in Dallas, DFW, Central Point, Medford, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York.

Since Dynam Communications becomes your Virtual PBX System in the cloud as well as your telephone company, your monthly phone bill goes away and you pay Dynam a small fee for each user. On average, our Cloud PBX customers monthly phone bill with Dynam is about 65% less than what they have been paying to their phone company for just dial tone. Our service includes much more than just dial tone.

A few Phone Bill Comparisons:

Old Phone BillDynam Bill
Customer 1$360$122
Customer 2$476$122
Customer 3$713$134
Customer 4$828$335
Customer 5$758$244

Across all of our hosted phone system customers, our customers are saving an average of almost 65% with Dynam compared to their last phone company.

  • Voice Mail
  • Automated Attendants
  • Call Groups
  • Music On-Hold 
  • On-Hold Announcements
  • Fax delivery to email
  • Voice mail delivery to email
  • Forward calls to mobile
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • Call Park / Pickup
  • Call Recording
  • Built in Paging
  • Wide variety of desk phones available
  • Month to month, no long term contracts
  • Much more…

Our current cloud PBX customers are located through out the US in a wide variety of industries in healthcare, real estate, oil and gas, retail and restaurant chains.

Dynam Communications data centers have internet redundancy, UPS and generator power backup, back-up sub carriers, and more.  Our up time is best in class.  Unlike your old phone companies that require you to sign 3-year contracts, our service is month-to-month. We know we have to earn your business every month. This is why our Hosted VoIP PBX service is so solid and support is go good, our customers just don’t leave.

Click the following link to see our most popular phones available with our Hosted VoIP PBX service solution.  Let us know if you don’t see what you like. 

Here are a few more reasons why Dynam Communication is your Best choice for a Cloud PBX and phone service:

In most cases, we can have you up and running within 48-72 hours

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