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Dallas Phone System – DFW Business Phone System

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Dallas Phone System – DFW Business Phone System

Dynam Communications offers powerful DFW business phone system solutions for companies in the Dallas area and nationwide. We offer both on-premise phone systems and Hosted, or cloud-based, phone systems and telephone service.  Our DFW business telephone system solutions in Dallas and everywhere, proves to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

What is a PBX Phone System?

A telephone company sends calls to your office telephone system. The PBX takes the call and sends to a user or to a call group (service, sales, billing). The call could also go to an Auto Attendant (press 1 for this or 2 for that).  The office phone system also offers music on hold and call recording. The built-in reports provide a high level of insight into your business. The IP phone system also includes time of day routing and call forwarding. This allows you to utilize answering service or mobile phones, allows people to work from home, and more.

What is the difference between On-Premise and Hosted PBX Phone System?

small business phone system, VoIP phone service, office phones
Phone System at your Office
Small business phone system, cloud phone system, VoIP phone services
Hosted – Cloud PBX
Phone System in the Cloud

On-Premise Business Phone System

On-Premise Phone System means we install a phone system at your office located in Dallas or anywhere. We connect your phone company phone lines to the IP phone system. We place desk phones where you desire which connect to the phone system via your existing Ethernet or WiFi network. 

As a result, the advantage is, you control your own Dallas phone system and can make changes as needed.

Among the Dynam VoIP phone service offerings, Dynam is proud to include the products of Zultys. Especially with clients with up to 10,000 employees spread around the country or around the world.

Features of our On-Premise Business Phone System

Features include: Voice Mail, Automated Attendants, Call Groups, Call Recording, Faxing, Desktop Client, Mobile Client. Our on-premise solutions also offer Outlook Integration, Screen Pops, CRM integration, and built in paging system. They contain Music On Hold, Enable Remote Workers, and many more features. The phone system that we install at your office connects to your existing telephone company phone lines. But includes a ton of features to increase office productivity. Decrease your costs, and reports to see whats happening at your office.

Hosted | Cloud Business Phone System

Hosted Phone System is a cloud based PBX phone system where we install desk phones at your office. These desk phones connect to our VoIP business phone server in the cloud.  This IP Phone System (VoIP PBX) provides phone service and all the features of an on-site telephone system. 

As a result, an advantage is you can avoid a large upfront investment in a telephone system. Plus, you can cancel your telephone company since Dynam would be your phone company as well.  Our hosted customers usually save an average of 65% for phone service with Dynam compared to their old phone company.

Features of our Hosted Business Phone System

Features include: Voice Mail, Auto Attendants (press 1 for this, 2 for that), Call Groups (sales, service, billing). We also offer faxing, phone numbers and fax numbers. We provide Music On Hold and Paging. Our systems contain Call Routing features, Call Center Queues, and Wall Board and much more. Also, our service is month-to-month, no long term contracts, unlike other phone companies, we don’t add 35% for tax, tariffs. Subsequently, we typically reduce our customers phone bills an average of 65%.

Our Customers

Who uses Dynam Communications for their office phone system needs? Medical offices and other healthcare facilities because our solution is HIPAA compliant. Also, we have many dental offices, law offices, retail stores and restaurant chains. A few of our clients are defense contractors with offices around the world. They chose Dynam to connect all their offices together.

As a result, users at one office in Seattle can see users in France, Michigan, California, and Texas. They can see if the users are on the phone, at lunch, or in a meeting. Subsequently, they can call each other using a four digit extension or instant message each other. Also, other customers include accounting firms, property management companies, pet groomers, car lots, as well as customers in other industries.

Many of our clients have their employees at one location while others have their employees spread over multiple locations. These users can be around the city or across the country including working from home. As a result, and because it’s VoIP business phones, their employees are visible to each other.

Nationwide Service Area

Dynam Communications provides office phone system solutions to companies nationwide. This includes: Dallas, DFW, Fort Worth, and throughout Texas. Other cities around the US as well including Chicago, Seattle, Medford, and Central Point in Oregon. Not to mention Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, New York, Houston, Chicago, and throughout Florida. Anywhere you need VoIP phone service.

These systems are sometimes referred to as Business Phone Systems or IP Phone Systems. Our solutions include award winning technologies for PBX phone systems, Cloud phones, and Small Business phone systems.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs and get a customized quote.