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Dynam Communications is a leading provider of office phone system solutions. This includes VoIP phone services, PBX phone system, office phones, and VoIP phone service. Our business phone systems include the features you need in an office phone system to maximize customer satisfaction and employee productivity. From one user to ten thousand, working in one office or spread around the country, we have a solution for you!

What exactly is an Office Phone System?

A telephone company or carrier, provides you with phone lines to provide dial tone and phone numbers which allow you to make and receive phone calls.

These phone lines plug into your PBX Office Phone System which provide advanced business features.

A phone call comes over your phone lines into your office phone system and is routed by the phone system to either an individual user, an Automated Attendant (i.e., press 1 for this, press 2 for that), or a Call Group which is a group of users handling calls to a department (i.e., Customer Service, Technical Support, Accounting).

The phone system is the brain that routes your incoming calls to right user or call group. Common office phone systems offer various popular features such as call recording, music on-hold, announcements on-hold, desktop and mobile apps, customizable call processing rules to ring a desk phone roll to your mobile then send caller to office voice mail and email the voice message, and more.


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An On-Premise phone system is a Business Phone System that we install at your office. We then connect the telephone lines from your phone company into your new office phone system.  Business phones are connected.  Dynam offers a variety on-premise IP phone systems based on the number of users at your company and desired features.  Our award-winning small business phone system is perfect for the small company and our large enterprise solutions can support up to 10,000 users.


  • You own the phone system for life.
  • The phone system is under your control, behind your firewall, and you can make the changes you need directly to your phone system.



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Rather than an on-premise phone system you might choose our Hosted, or Cloud-based PBX, telephone solution. Our hosted phone system is where we install business phones at your office which register remotely to our phone service in the cloud. Dynam Communications would be your phone system and your phone company.


  • If you lose power or internet at your office, your callers can still call your phone numbers. Accordingly, during an outage, we can forward your calls to voice mail, answering service, or to a mobile phone.
  • Rather than a large upfront cost in investing in an office telephone system, the cost of service is a small monthly fee and often much less than what you are paying a phone company for just dial tone.
  • Free long distance. So, the whole country is a local call.


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Dynam is an awesome company. Absolute expert with modern phone systems. Understands all the technical aspects including IT, firewall, SIP trunk, etc. Service is second to none. Any time we have an issue [Dynam] is right on it and stays on top of it until the issue is resolved. Even when the issue is created by IT or the SIP trunk provider. [Dynam] has never told me that is their problem. They stay on top of it and works with the other vendors until the issue is resolved. I could not more highly recommend someone.

Dads Garage

Dynam Communications has faithfully taken care of our telephone technology needs for many years. They respond quickly to calls, works well with our IT vendors, ISP suppliers, and SIP provider. They have helped us replace a legacy system, moved us to other locations with no disruption of service, coordinated disaster recovery plans and keeps us up to date in hardware, software and training. Thank you for providing exceptional service. We appreciate you.

By Raymond

We have used Dynam Communications for many years and have always had great results. Very responsive to our needs. I highly recommend Dynam Communications.

By Kristi

Dynam has been a trusted partner with our business for over seven years now. The phone systems are amazing along with the support we receive from Dynam Communications. We have been so pleased with the service, product and follow up help over the last seven years.

By Dave

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Dynam Communications is compatible with all SIP Phones. If you have an analog phone that you would like to use, we can provide an adapter to make the analog phone work with our service. However, the most advanced phones today are SIP-based desk phones. Dynam solutions are compatible with these manufacturers:

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